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Online Lessons

*Important: Use of bluetooth device while the lesson is going on could cause issues.  Please make sure bluetooth devices as well as notifications are turned off on device being used to conduct sessions.*

We are now offering online video lessons through Zoom. (Download here)

Zoom is a free video conferencing site that allows people to talk and see one another using their technological devices.  

Online lessons are best for mechanical work and mental approach training.  The lessons are extremely effective in addressing fundamental issues and/or building sound technique, since the majority of the work will be done utilizing a hitting tee or through “dry work” off the mound.  

For best results, online lessons are usually done with players who have an “at home” training area that allows for hitting, throwing/fielding, and/or pitching. 


Hitting: - Tee, Sock Net, Baseballs/Softballs

Defense/Throwing - Baseballs/Softballs & Rebound Trainer

Pitching: - Sock Net, Baseballs/Softballs, Towel (if mound available that would be ideal, but not necessary) (Baseball/Softball training sock net is useful, but not necessary)

A tripod for your device is also recommended if an additional person is not available to hold the device during the session.

Online lessons are roughly 25 minutes in length which can be verified at the end of your session. Along with instruction given during the workout, we will also finish each session with a recap talk with player/parent.

What Is The Cost:

Single Session: $20

We recommend that all players start with an Initial Analysis with an instructor. Hitters will email a video showing themselves taking 3 swings from the open side view.   Pitchers will submit videos of themselves pitching from 3B view for RHP and 1B view for LHP, as well as video from the catcher’s point of view 2 pitches from each view) (all must show full body).  Videos must be submitted at least 48 hours in advance, so that the instructor has sufficient time to review and analyze video prior to beginning the Initial Analysis session.  

To book this time please purchase a Video Analysis lesson from the Online Portal.  Then book your session.  Please then email your video to [email protected] and include your players name and the day/time of his session.

During the Initial Analysis (Zoom), the instructor will review the assessment with the player and his/her parent(s).  If the family wishes to schedule an online lesson in the future, the instructor will share drills with links to demonstration videos, suggest workout routines, and guide the player through training progressions.

Single Lesson w/Instructor:
Package of 4 lessons: $100 (includes free Initial Analysis)
Package of 8 lessons: $200 (includes free Initial Analysis and Assessment following 4th session)

*After first package Analysis call may be shorter than 25 minutes.

How Do I Book Session:
You can view the schedule by CLICKING HERE
You can purchase "Online Lessons" 
After you have lesson in your account you can book online.

Can I Use A Current Lesson In My Account To Book An Online Lesson:
Yes.  Once you do, please email us at [email protected] and let us know that you did.  Since these online lessons are at a lower cost we will square your account and put the difference on account. 

How Will The Lesson Work:
Once you have booked your session, please download ZOOM on the device you will use to connect to the video call. Please create an account.  And then email your username to [email protected] Please include your primary contact number and your child’s name along with the day & time of his/her lesson.

At your scheduled lesson time, your instructor will connect with you via your username and will begin the lesson. Please be prepared to connect a few minutes early as your instructor may reach out a min or two in advance to connect. If you have booked your session with advanced notice you should receive your invite to the lesson by the morning of your lesson.

Where Should I Be For The Lesson:
You can do the lesson wherever you normally hit or pitch, as long as there is a wifi connection. The video analysis session can take place at the dining room table.

What To Expect:
Players can expect a detailed explanation of the correct mechanics to be demonstrated. Although we are not meeting face-to-face, online lessons provide a great opportunity to nail down mechanics without looking for in cage results. The importance of proper mechanics is to ensure the desired result when in game play. In order to make that happen, players need a consistent routine in drill work, mental preparation, and flexibility. Online lessons will allow the player to receive the correct instruction from a coach in a more focused environment.

- Detailed explanation of mechanics
- Drill work
- Flexibility advice
- Mental preparation advice
- Quality instruction in a focused environment

Can a program be created if I want to do multiple sessions?
Yes. Online lesson follow up is just as important as live one-on-one lesson follow up.  We can create a training program for you, so that you can continue to work while organized team programs are suspended (ie. Package to do 2 sessions per week for the next 3 weeks).

After your first session is purchased and booked you can email us below and we will coordinate.

Please email us with any other questions at: [email protected]

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