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Baseball and Softball are games of repetition. The best training option for any age player wanting to improve their game is following a consistent routine that promotes and builds positive fundamentals.  The more positive reps taken over an extended period of time, the more positive development that takes place.  This takes hours of practice each week and paying for individual lessons in order to accomplish this training can get cost prohibitive quickly! This is exactly why we have designed these weekly summer classes!  We have laid out a weekly schedule of classes which have been designed to maximize core fundamentals, improve strength and overall athleticism, increase bat speed, increase foot speed and explosiveness, and promote proper arm action.  

Classes will be limited to 4 players per class so that we can maintain a low player-coach ratio.  Each hitting class has been set up to correlate with a strength class and each defensive class correlates with a speed training class.  Each class only costs $35.00 per player and can be booked on a per day or per week basis in order to maximize convenience.  The ideal training scenario for any one player would be 4 hours per week, one day of hitting and strength and one day of defense and speed.  That equals a total of 2 hours of training each day for the low price of $70.00 compared to $240.00 if done on an individual basis!

Topics Covered

Hitting Classes: Introduction to the On Deck Hitting System

Preactivation Medicine Ball Routine - Promotes lower body and core body strength and mobility.
On Deck Academy Resistance Band Offensive Training System - Promotes proper fundamental swing mechanics while building strength in all major muscle groups used during the swing.
On Deck Academy Tee Routine - designed to simplify and isolate the different parts of the swing so that players can develop clean and efficient mechanics.
Front Toss and Live Arm Routine - designed to reinforce the mechanical work d
one during our tee work. This will also be the moment in the class in which we will specifically address the proper “offensive mentality” that each player should be focused on while hitting.

Infield Defensive Classes
Short Work Hand Drills - designed to promote proper glove work and soft hands when fielding routine ground balls, glove side ground balls, and arm side ground balls.

Strength & Conditioning Classes: Introduction to the On Deck Strength & Conditioning Program
Foam Rolling Routine/Self-Myofascial Release – Incorporating proper foam rolling techniques to help athletes to release tension, soreness, inflammation, and increase range of motion. 
Dynamic Warmup/Movement Prep – The foundation of a quality training session is a proper warm up. By elevating body temperature, mobilizing, activating muscle groups, and potentiating the body with movement specific activities, our athletes go through a thorough body preparation to insure an effective training session
Strength & Conditioning
– Athletic development training with the foundation of implementing proper movement patterns, optimizing performance, reducing injury risk, and promoting overall health.  

Speed & Agility Classes
On Deck Speed & Agility Workout – Optimize and increase performance metrics by exposing our athletes to acceleration, deceleration, and change of direction to develop faster reaction times and allow them to respond quickly to stimuli that that they will face during competition.


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